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DreamLite® Basic

  • Learn about the mechanism behind ortho-k, the DreamLite® family and how the fitting process works

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  • More in-depth on ortho-k, with diagnoses and cases

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What is ortho-k?

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Advantages of ortho-k

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Myopia management

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Here you will find interesting scientific research and medical developments in the field of eye care.

Six years of wearer experience in children participating in a myopia control study of MiSight® 1 day

Lumb, E., Sulley, A., Logan, N. S., Jones, D., Chamberlain, P. (2023) - To evaluate the experience of children wearing soft contact lenses (CLs) during a trial of MiSight® 1 day (omafilcon A, CooperVision, Inc.), a dual-focus myopia-control daily disposable CL.

Long-term Effect of Dual-focus Contact Lenses on Myopia Progression in Children: A 6-year Multicenter Clinical Trial

March 2022 -  A new peer review paper affirms that CooperVision® MiSight® 1 day contact lenses provide myopia control for nearly all children.

The Risks and Benefits of Myopia Control

Bullimore, M. A., Ritchey, E. R., et al. (2021) - The primary justification for slowing myopia progression is to reduce the risk of vision loss through sight-threatening ocular pathologic features in later life. The article analyzes whether the potential benefits of slowing myopia progression by 1 diopter (D) justify the potential risks associated with treatments.

Evaluation of children in NL fitted with custom made Ortho-k contact lens BCLA 2021

Teuben K, Beerten R, Steenbekkers G. (2021) - A retrospective chart review was conducted to evaluate myopia progression in children fitted with an OK lens; the reason for fitting the lens was to correct myopia.

Efficacy of software-based fitting in Orthokeratology Analysis of 2 years data of 1000 eyes

Beerten R. (2020) -  Purpose of this study was to analyse 1 the overall success of digital Ortho-k fitting, 2 How many lens exchanges were needed to reach this success.

Orthokeratology to Control Myopia Progression: A Meta-Analysis

Sun Y, Xu F, Zhang T, Liu M, Wang D, et al. (2015) - To evaluate the clinical treatment effects of orthokeratology to slow the progression of myopia.

Evaluation of children in the Netherlands fitted with a dual focas 1 day contact lens

Steenbekkers G. (2020) - While studies on dual focus 1 day lenses for myopia control have demonstrated their efficacy and clinical performance on children in controlled clinical trials, performance and wearer acceptance in a real-world practice environment is also an important consideration. This work was to evaluate the progression of myopia in a small cohort of children fitted with a dual focus 1 day contact lens. 

A 3-year Randomized Clinical Trial of MiSight Lenses for Myopia Control

August 2019 - Results of this randomized, double-masked clinical trial demonstrate the effectiveness of the MiSight soft contact lens in slowing myopia progression over multiple years.

Efficacy of Trial Fitting and Software Fitting for Orthokeratology Lens: One-Year Follow-Up Study

Lu D, Gu T, Lin W, Li N, Gong B, Wei R. (2018) -  To observe and compare the clinical efficacy of 1-year trial fitting and software fitting orthokeratology lenses.

High myopia-partial reduction ortho-k: a 2-year randomized study

Charm J, Cho P. (June 2013) - This single-masked randomized study showed that PR ortho-k effectively slowed myopic progression in high myopes. Axial length elongation was 63% slower in PR ortho-k-treated children compared with children wearing spectacles.

Clinical Performance and Biological Interactions in Scleral Lens Wear

Araújo R, Van der Worp E, González-méijome J. (November 2019) - The present document contemplates a short summary of a research project nurtured over the last few years whit the title: “Clinical and Biological Interactions During Scleral Lens Wear”. 

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