Webinar DreamLite® Update

Do you already fit ortho-k (DreamLite®) and want to increase your knowledge and expertise? Then this webinar is ideal for you. During the webinar, we will discuss diagnoses and cases, and you will get information on the current state of multifocal orthokeratology lenses. Through practical case studies and combining insights, you will be given tools to further expand your DreamLite® practice and increase your specialization.

For many people, ortho-k lenses are the alternative to glasses, hard and soft contact lenses. As a fitter, how do you ensure maximum comfort, safety and success with your ortho-k lens wearers? And how can you fit the custom-made DreamLite® and DreamLite® Zoom lenses even more successfully? You’ll learn all this during the DreamLite® Update webinar.

Program structure
The Professional Services team will discuss the following topics in the webinar:

  • Lens design
  • The DreamLite® family
  • Safety
  • Diagnosis
  • Cases

The webinar is open to contact lens specialists, optometrists and orthoptists. It is recommended that you first watch the DreamLite® Basic webinar so that you can then expand your knowledge with the in-depth content of the DreamLite® Update webinar.

DreamLite® basic 

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Do you have any questions regarding a webinar? Our team of Professional Services is happy to help you.