CooperVision Specialty EyeCare Companies

CooperVision Specialty EyeCare represents the bringing together of the knowledge, experience, and bold lineage of the world's leading specialty vision companies—Blanchard, GP Specialists, Paragon, Procornea, Soflex and No. 7 Contact Lenses—united for the benefit of today's eye care professionals and the patients they serve.

We embrace the concept that no two eyes, no two patients, and no two days are ever alike. Our team delivers best-in-class service and a wide array of life-changing specialty lenses employed for the successful treatment of myopia management, scleral and advanced contact lens management, and presbyopia management.


The Blanchard Onefit™ family of scleral lenses includes an array of versatile design options to accommodate multiple indications. The most recent addition is Onefit™ MED+, a 17.0mm advanced scleral lens that gives you all the parameter controls needed for a truly customized scleral lens – ideal for highly irregular, post-surgical, and OSD applications.

GP Specialists

GP Specialists offers one of the world's largest selections of Ortho-K lens designs from some of the world's top myopia management experts. Choose the appropriate Ortho-K design for your patient and we will provide the expertise and technical support on all designs including iSee, Paragon CRT®, GOV, and OrthoTool software.


Paragon is a pioneer in the Ortho-K industry. Paragon CRT® and CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses are trusted by practitioners and patients in over 50 countries. World class Practice Management, Consultation and Marketing resources ensure Paragon eye care professionals are guided on a personalized journey to success.


Procornea, located in the Netherlands, specializes in the production of premium specialty contact lenses. With 45 years of experience in the contact lens industry, we are experts in designing and producing Ortho-K, scleral lenses and soft contact lenses. Our mission is to achieve the maximum visual acuity with contact lenses for every person around the world regardless the condition of the eye.


In 1982, Soflex was established - during its 37 years of activity, it dominated the field of contact lens production in Israel and even became one of the world leaders in its field, marketing its products to dozens of countries around the globe. Soflex lenses provide a broad and customized solution to a variety of vision problems and thus improve the quality of life of thousands of new patients every day. High quality and standards are a candle to our feet when it comes to the many production resources in order for the products leaving our factories to meet the most stringent international standards.

No7 Contact Lenses

For over 40 years, No7 Contact Lenses has driven the future of specialist contact lenses in the UK. Whether it's the early aspheric GP designs we developed in the 90s, or the suite of educational websites we launched in 2021, we've continually strived to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Now, No7 looks forward to an exciting future, working in partnership with customers to give every patient the chance of a happy life with healthy vision.