Support and tools

As a Myopia Management Expert, you will be provided with all kinds of tools, resources and tips. This will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to be able to offer the right customized solution for myopia management.


VISAVY® is CooperVision Specialty EyeCare’s online fitting program. The program provides advice for the best lens and fit, which you can then adjust as you see fit. As a specialist, you can easily log in and manage your product range anytime, anywhere. In VISAVY® you will also find offline and offline marketing materials for your optician’s shop.

Myopia Management Module

Using the myopia management module, you can easily measure and track your customer’s myopia development through VISAVY®. As a Myopia Management Expert, you will automatically have access to this additional feature.

Vision Simulator

How is a nearsighted person’s vision? This cannot be explained in words. The Vision Simulator helps you show your customers what a nearsighted person sees. Move the slider along the scale and see how vision without glasses or contact lenses changes as myopia increases.

Risk assessment

The risk assessment consists of a short questionnaire and helps you identify the risk of myopia in a child. After the personal, hereditary and environmental risk factors have been entered, the tool offers advice to prevent myopia, or its progression, as much as possible. Parents, caregivers and children can also take the test at home via the website.


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