On Sunday 26 and Monday 27 June the Dutch Contact Lens Congress (NCC) took place in NH Veldhoven. During the NCC it was all about the contact lens. It was a two-day congress where education, innovation, news and developments and networking were central. Since the first edition in 2006, the event has grown into the largest contact lens related congress in Europe with over 1,900 participants from several countries.

What a great event we can look back on together! We would like to hold on to that atmosphere for a while. During lectures and at our booth we filmed. You can watch the aftermovie here soon. From July 10 you will also find more videos about the meet & greet with international speakers and our sponsor lecture.

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    Our booth during NCC was dedicated to THE COOPERVISION SPECIALTY EYECARE EXPERIENCE. Our goal was to show you that we are your partner for custom lenses by what we can offer in terms of products and services:

    • Portfolio
    • Training
    • Innovation
    • Marketing
    • Expertise

    As a leader in the field of myopia management, there was of course an important focus on our broad myopia management portfolio with various solutions that can inhibit myopia. In addition, we shared two more news items:

    • Great news in the myopia management area: our unique children's day lens MiSight® 1 day is now available up to -10.00D.
    • New Dutch myopia report: The risk of increasing myopia in The Netherlands. We could already share two important findings from this report, an initiative of CooperVision Specialty EyeCare and Eye Fund.

    "The prevalence of high myopia is expected to increase by 2 to 3 times in Europe by 2055"
    "Myopia has a lifelong impact on socio economic opportunities"

    On July 6, this myopia report was presented at an Eye Fund conference. View the report here.

    Our experts, such as Ron Beerten in the field of ortho-k and Gabi Steenbekkers around myopia management, were on stage. Tips and tricks for daily practice were given in one of the lectures by our Professional Services team members Fabian Janssen and Amanda de Wit.

    Meet & Greet international speakers

    On Sunday afternoon, Mark Bullimore came to our booth after his lecture for a Meet & Greet.

    On Monday afternoon, Clair Enthoven and Nicola Logan came to our booth after their lecture for a Meet & Greet.

    Clair Enthoven studied Optometry at the Hogeschool Utrecht (2008-2012) and International Public Health at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (2012-2016). She was then able to start a PhD research at the Departments of Epidemiology and Ophthalmology at Erasmus MC. She investigated lifestyle factors for the development of myopia among children, such as a lot of close work and little outdoor play. For her research, she used data from a large child cohort Generation R. She also developed an app that digitally measures smartphone use and reading distance. Over 300 Dutch teenagers used this app to investigate the relationship between smartphone use and myopia. In 2019, she completed her Master's Degree in Epidemiology and in 2021 she received her PhD with honors with the thesis titled: "Lifestyle Factors in Myopia Development."  

    Professor Bullimore is an internationally renowned scientist, speaker, and educator based in Boulder, Colorado. He received his Optometry degree and PhD in Vision Science from Aston University in Birmingham, England. He spent most of his career at the Ohio State University and the University of California at Berkeley and is now Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston. He is the former Editor of Optometry and Vision Science. His expertise in myopia, contact lenses, low vision, presbyopia, and refractive surgery means that he is consultant for a number of ophthalmic, surgical, and pharmaceutical companies. This work has resulted in approval of, among others, Paragon CRT, Alcon’s iLux, and CooperVision’s MiSight lens. He has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles including several modern classics in the field of myopia control. 

    Nicola Logan is a Professor of Optometry and Director of Research for the Optometry and Vision Science Research Group, School of Optometry, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.  Nicola is also an educator in Optometry at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the field of paediatric optometry and myopia. Nicola’s research interests are the epidemiology of refractive error, the development and aetiology of myopia and myopia control. Her current research projects span these areas of interest and include clinical trials in myopia control and risk factors for progression of myopia in children with supporting peer-reviewed publications in all these areas. Nicola leads an active myopia clinic at Aston University alongside her myopia research clinics and labs and she collaborates with other researchers working in the field of myopia as part of the Myopia Consortium UK and internationally as a taskforce chair and ambassador for The International Myopia Institute.