Eerbeek, The Netherlands, April 3, 2023 CooperVision Specialty EyeCare launches VISAVY®,
the innovative fitting tool for customized contact lenses

VISAVY® is the new name for MyProcornea, CooperVision SEC’s unique web-based portal. VISAVY® will be launched on 3rd April 2023 in the Benelux and Nordics. The name of this state of the art fitting tool underlines the partnership with eye care professionals: it is face-to-face and hand-in-hand. This innovative tool offers eye care professionals the possibility to fit customized lenses with high precision and will save chair time. Users can rely on fully fledged services and support to enhance contact lens practice outcomes. At any time and from any location, VISAVY® can be logged in to manage the personal product range easily.

VISAVY® has extensive functionalities:

  • Lens advice for optimal lens choice

Fitting of both RGP, soft and ortho-k lenses. The program gives advice on the best lens and fit, which you can then adjust as you see fit. The fluorescent image is then automatically recalculated.

  • Topographer

The program is compatible with all common corneal topographers. Because it is web-based and not location-specific, you can access the imported images from any (work) location.

  • Fluorescence simulation

In addition to the imported topographies, it’s possible to assess the fit of the lens through a fluorescent image simulation. In it you can change the parameters for the inner geometry of the lens and easily switch between topography and fluorescent images.

  • Ordering

In VISAVY® you easily manage your product range. Order lenses or place reorders easily. Track your order through the order status and view everything in the customer history. In addition to CooperVision SEC contact lenses, you can also order lens accessories, lens solutions and marketing materials through your own personalized VISAVY® environment.

  • Special features

VISAVY® has special features for a myopia management, ortho-k and medical lenses practice. The Myopia Management Module helps to monitor the progression of myopia with patients.

  • Support

Questions about an adjustment? The integrated chat feature allows you to chat with our Professional Services specialists. In case of problems or questions, you can make use of TeamViewer. The advantage here is that our Professional Services specialist can look directly at all measured data. This way a good solution can be found immediately. In addition, several videos are available with helpful facts, such as this promo video.


Are you interested in VISAVY®, but not a user yet? Please contact the Professional Services team of CooperVision Specialty EyeCare via [email protected] or at +31(0)313 677677.

Visit for further information and discover the possibilities. With great passion we continue to work on innovative lens solutions to partner with eye care professionals to help consumers maximize their world experience.

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