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CooperVision Specialty EyeCare launches VISAVY®, the innovative fitting tool for customized contact lenses

VISAVY® is the new name for MyProcornea, CooperVision SEC’s unique web-based portal. VISAVY® will be launched on 3rd April 2023 in the Benelux and Nordics. The name of this state of the art fitting tool underlines the partnership with eye care professionals: it is face-to-face and hand-in-hand. This innovative tool offers eye care professionals the possibility to fit customized lenses with high precision and will save chair time. Users can rely on fully fledged services and support to enhance contact lens practice outcomes. At any time and from any location, VISAVY® can be logged in to manage the personal product range easily. Read here the full press release.

Myopia Management Standard of Care Pledge Challenge

The World Council of Optometry (WCO), in partnership with myopia management category leader CooperVision, which we are a division of, has issued a Myopia Management Standard of Care Pledge challenge.
More than 40 global eye care organizations and 26,000 practitioners have so far pledged to adopt myopia management as the standard of care. Read here the WCO press release en learn more on the challenge here.

CooperVision Adds SynergEyes to Expand Specialty Contact Lens Adoption in North America

SAN RAMON, CALIF., November 3, 2022 – CooperVision announced the acquisition of SynergEyes - a company widely known for its hybrid lens technologies and brands, which span the treatment of irregular cornea, presbyopia, and astigmatism. SynergEyes will become part of the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare group and one of our sister companies, broadening its already extensive range of products and services.

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New Analysis of MiSight® 1 Day Treatment Effects During International Myopia Conference Event

ROTTERDAM, September 1, 2022 – CooperVision’s global leadership in myopia control and management will be spotlighted next week at the 18th annual International Myopia Conference, taking place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The meeting is expected to attract a record number of attendees, reflecting escalating interest in understanding and addressing the disease and its bearing on children’s short- and long-term vision and ocular health.

New Dutch myopia report: myopia epidemic can be reduced by changing behavior

UTRECHT, 6 July 2022 – Over the next thirty years, at least 140,000 people in the Netherlands are expected to become visually impaired and another 50,000 blind as a result of myopia. Through prevention, the use of atropine, special contact lenses and innovative glasses, this epidemic of myopia can be reduced.

This is evident from research conducted by Catalyze Group on behalf of the Dutch Eye Fund and CooperVision Specialty EyeCare EMEA.

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CooperVision® Expands MiSight® 1 day to Cover Nearly 100% of Spherical Prescriptions for Children with Myopia

Eerbeek, The Netherlands, 30 June 2022 —CooperVision announced that its MiSight® 1 day contact lenses will be available in higher prescriptions, beginning June 2022. The expanded range—covering -0.25D to -10.00D (0.50D steps after -6.00D)— means that MiSight® 1 day covers 99.97% of prescriptions for Asian children – and 99.97% for Caucasian children – who have myopia and less than 1D of astigmatism.[i] The diopter extension for this innovative, specially designed lens will allow even more children to benefit from myopia management.

CooperVision Acquires EnsEyes to Accelerate Nordic Region Specialty Contact Lens Growth

SAN RAMON, CALIF., June 1, 2022—CooperVision has acquired EnsEyes, the leading supplier of orthokeratology (ortho-k) and scleral contact lenses in Europe’s Nordic region. The company will operate within the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare group.

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Introduction SightGlass Vision™

CooperVision Introduces SightGlass Vision™ Spectacle Lenses in the Netherlands to Help Slow the Progression of Myopia in Children

Launch Marks Europe’s First Commercial Availability of the Evidence-Based Technology

EERBEEK, 5 October 2021 - CooperVision today announced the Dutch launch of SightGlass Vision™ spectacle lenses with Diffusion Optics Technology§, which are specifically designed for and have been shown to slow the progression of myopia in children.1 Eye care professionals (ECPs) in the Netherlands are the first in the world to have broad access to this innovation, which are ideal for children as young as age six and for children who may not yet be ready for contact lens wear.

CooperVision Announces that SightGlass Vision™ Diffusion Optics Technology™ Demonstrates Significant Reduction in Myopia Progression After Two Years in Clinical Trial

Data Shared in Conjunction with the World’s First Commercial Availability of the Innovative Spectacle Lenses in the Netherlands

DreamLite® CE

DreamLite® ortho-k lenses by CooperVision SEC receive European approval for slowing myopia progression

Expanding the world’s largest portfolio of evidence-based myopia management interventions to give eye care professionals multiple options

Eerbeek, June 1, 2021 — DreamLite® night lenses by CooperVision Specialty EyeCare (SEC) have received the CE mark for slowing myopia progression in children and young adults. This popular orthokeratology contact lens already had a CE mark for the correction of myopia as a product and has now also received a CE mark for myopia management. This is in conjunction with MiSight® 1 day, CooperVision SEC’s soft day lens for myopia management.

Collaboration with the Eye Foundation

The Eye Foundation and CooperVision Specialty EyeCare team up to fight progressive myopia in young people

Eye care specialists are sounding the alarm: severe nearsightedness (myopia) is becoming more common and at an increasingly younger age. The degree of nearsightedness is also becoming more extreme.[1] Children who are nearsighted at an early age are at greater risk for unpleasant eye problems or for becoming visually impaired. As a parent/caregivers, you obviously want to avoid that. Once sight has been lost, it cannot be restored. The Eye Foundation and CooperVision Specialty EyeCare (SEC) are both committed to this and are joining forces.

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