Senso Easy Sclera

Senso Easy Sclera

NEW: the Senso Easy Sclera is a smaller scleral lens, available in one diameter, applicable for a wide range of eyes. This lens is very suitable for eyes that requiring a regular soft or rigid lens because of insufficient comfort and/or vision.

+25.00 D t/m -25.00 D
1 year
Rigid Scleral Lens

The Senso Easy Sclera is the new member of Senso Sclera Family that has been developed to match the best of both worlds; visual performance of a rigid lens and comfort of a soft contact lens. 
Discover the world of scleral lenses, discover the Senso Easy Sclera!

The Senso Easy Sclera is a smaller scleral lens for ease of wear.
There is one available diameter for easy fitting.

Senso Easy offers:

  • Clear vision and good comfort
  • A solution for mild irregular and irregular corneas
  • An option for people with marginal dry eyes
  • A nice addition to your specialized practice
  • People who are looking for an improvement in vision with mild-irregular cornea or high astigmatism
  • People with dry eye complaints
  • People with comfort complaints caused by current contact lenses
  • People who have visual complaints caused by current contact lenses
  • Irregularities are compensated by the presence of a tear reservoir and the optical surface of the Senso Easy Sclera lens.
  • Due to the tear reservoir that falls over the cornea, there is less chance of dry eye complaints.
  • Senso Easy Sclera offers high comfort, as the lens lands on the sclera.
  • Senso Easy Sclera contributes to a stable fit with minimal movement and an optimal optical surface.

Before using your RGP lenses, always read the package insert that is provided by your eye care practitioner

To properly clean, disinfect, store and use your Senso Easy Sclera lenses, we recommend Ever Clean Plus and Saline Unidose.

The Ever Clean Plus system is suitable for all lens types and free of preservatives. It consists of a disinfectant based on 3% hydrogen peroxide combined with an innovative dual-focus effervescent tablet that provides thorough lens cleaning, disinfection, neutralization and moistening in just 2 hours.

Unlike the standard Ever Clean liquid, Ever Clean Plus has added povidone and lipase. Povidone is an effective and long-acting humectant that contributes to the stability of the tear film. 

The enzyme lipase is effective against lipids that adhere both centrally and to the edges of the lens surface, contributing to thorough lipid cleaning.

Parameter range:
Radius (r0): 7.40 to 8.80 mm (in steps of 0.20 mm)
Power (F’v): +25.00 D to -25.00 D (in steps of 0.25 D)
Diameter (øT): 14.80
Sagittal height: 0.25 mm to 4.75 mm (in steps of 0.25 mm)
Peri factor: +6 to -4 in 1 increments

Available as
Peripheral toric (PT) 
Available in toricity: 1 - 2 - 3
Bitoric (PFT)

Cylinder: Front Cyl. -0.25 D to -3.00 D in 0.25 D 
Axis: 0 degrees to 180 degrees in 1 degree increments

Technical information:
Centre thickness:0.25 mm
Basic geometry: Aspherical
Front geometry: AB technology