Senso Easy Sclera

Senso Easy Sclera

The Senso Easy Sclera is a smaller scleral lens, available in one diameter, applicable for a wide range of eyes. This lens is very suitable for eyes requiring a regular soft or rigid lens because of insufficient comfort and/or vision.

+25.00 D t/m -25.00 D
1 year
Rigid Scleral Lens

The Senso Easy Sclera is the newest member of Senso Sclera Family that has been developed to match the best of both worlds; visual performance of a rigid lens and comfort of a soft contact lens. 
Discover the world of scleral lenses, discover the Senso Easy Sclera!

The Senso Easy Sclera is a smaller scleral lens for ease of wear.
There is one available diameter for easy fitting.

Senso Easy offers:

  • Clear vision and good comfort
  • An option for people with marginal dry eyes
  • A solution for mild irregular and irregular corneas
  • A great addition to your specialized practice
  • People who are looking for an improvement in vision with mild-irregular cornea or high astigmatism
  • People with dry eye complaints
  • People with comfort complaints caused by current contact lenses
  • People who have visual complaints caused by current contact lenses
  • Irregularities are compensated by the presence of a tear reservoir and the optical surface of the Senso Easy Sclera lens.
  • Due to the tear reservoir that falls over the cornea, there is less chance of dry eye complaints.
  • Senso Easy Sclera offers high comfort, as the lens lands on the sclera.
  • Senso Easy Sclera contributes to a stable fit with minimal movement and an optimal optical surface.

Before using your RGP lenses, always read the package insert that is provided by your eye care practitioner.

Solution advice: use a solution suitable for rigid lens materials with an active cleaner and optimal disinfection.

Parameter range:
Radius (r0): 7.40 to 8.80 mm (in steps of 0.20 mm)
Power (F’v): +25.00 D to -25.00 D (in steps of 0.25 D)
Diameter (øT): 14.80
Sagittal height: 0.25 mm to 4.75 mm (in steps of 0.25 mm)
Peri factor: +6 to -4 in 1 increments

Available as
Peripheral toric (PT) 
Available in toricity: 1 - 2 - 3
Bitoric (PFT)

Cylinder: Front Cyl. -0.25 D to -3.00 D in 0.25 D 
Axis: 0 degrees to 180 degrees in 1 degree increments

Technical information:
Centre thickness:0.25 mm
Basic geometry: Aspherical
Front geometry: AB technology