BYO Royal

BYO Royal

A custom-made, soft bifocal contact lens with a special reading area at the bottom of the lens. Always sharp vision both near and far.

+20.00 D up to -20.00 D
6 months

Having sharp vision far away while at the same time being able to read up close. The BYO Royal custom soft contact lens is a so-called bifocal lens. The reading area is located at the bottom of the lens. A special added zone makes reading easy once you look down.

Features of BYO Royal:

  • The best choice starting at reading addition +2.25 D
  • Good vision, far and near
  • Custom-made

Particularly suitable for people with a (higher) reading addition starting at +2.25 D (diopters). 

BYO Royal lenses last up to six months. We recommend replacing the lens after six months. 

Wearing contact lenses carries a potential risk of infection. Therefore, you should always follow the advice of the specialist and handle lenses correctly. For example, never clean lenses with water or put them in if your eyes are irritated. See the manual for all information on how to properly clean, store and use lenses. The manual can be obtained from your eye care specialist. The specialist works according to a protocol and makes sure you are properly informed and your eyes are checked regularly. To confirm that both parties will follow the safety instructions, the specialist will ask you to sign a lens agreement.

Before using your soft lenses, always read the package insert that is provided by your contact lens specialist. 

Solution advice: use a solution suitable for soft contact lenses.

Parameter range
Radius (r0): 8.00, 8.30, 8.60, 8.90 and 9.20 mm
Strength (F`v): Strength +20.00 D to -20.00 D
Cylinder (Toric): -0.75 D to-2.50 D in 0.25 D steps
Axis (Toric): 0° to 180° per 1°
Reading addition: +0.75 D to +3.00 D in 0.25 D steps
Diameter (øT): 13.50, 14.00*, 14.50 mm *standard.
Marketing: Two markings 3 and 9 o’clock
Additional parameters on request.

Technical information
Material: GM3
Water content: 58 %
Dk/t: 27 (-3.00 D)
UV filter: Yes
Handling tint: Blue
Marking: 2 markings at 3 and 9 o’clock
Engraving:  Unique batch number
Application: Daily wear
Packaging: Blister

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which contact lens is best for my eyes?

    It depends entirely on you and your eyes. During an eye exam an eye care specialist assesses your eyes and looks at the strength and shape of your eye, among other things. You personal situation is also evaluated: When do you want to use them? How often? In what work environment? Based on all the measurements, you can choose the best lenses together with the specialist. Visit your nearest optician for an eye exam or consultation.
  • How do I clean my lenses?

    It is important to clean your contact lenses daily. The moment you remove your lenses, it is important to clean, rinse and disinfect them with the recommended lens solution as prescribed or advised by your contact lens specialist. Contact lens cases should also be emptied, cleaned and rinsed daily, as they can be a source of bacterial growth. Importantly, lenses, lens cases and other lens-related products should not come into contact with (tap) water because of the increased risk of microbial keratitis.
  • What should I look for in lenses for my child?

    Children can wear lenses as young as 8 years old on average. (1) Before a child can start wearing lenses, the eye care specialist explains what it means to wear the lenses and the responsibilities involved for the child, such as in the area of hygiene. (1) Charm, J & Cho, P, 2013, High Myopia-Partial Reduction Ortho-k: A 2 year randomized study, Optometry and Vision Science, Vol 90, No 6 P530-539.