Unique in optics

Superb wearing comfort and exceptional vision, in any application. That’s what makes CooperVision Specialty EyeCare’s contact lenses so unique. We specialize in manufacturing custom lenses with the highest precision and quality. As a developer, manufacturer and supplier of both hard (RGP) and soft contact lenses, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio. We have a suitable lens for every eye!

Night lenses

In at night, out during the day. Experience the freedom of sharp vision without (reading) glasses or lenses.

Soft contact lenses

Suitable for every eye! You can’t change your eyes, but you can change your lenses.

Hard contact lenses

Feel the comfort of wearing fully customized lenses.

Myopia management

With special contact lenses, progressive myopia in young people can be inhibited as much as possible. This is also called myopia management. 

Multifocal contact lenses

Trouble reading the fine print and don’t feel like wearing reading glasses? Choose multifocal contact lenses!

Medical contact lenses

First aid for your eyes. The contact lenses in this product line have specific properties and were specially designed for (medical) eye conditions.