Eye care

We register up to 80% of our impressions through our eyesight.1 When asked “which sense would you absolutely not want to miss?”, most people answer sight. 

How exactly do your eyes work and how can you take good care of them? What is the difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness? How do dry eyes develop? And how do you wear contact lenses safely? Answers to these questions and more can be found on this page.

How does the eye work?

Our eyes pick up signals from the environment and transmit them to our brain through the optic nerve. There, the signals from both eyes are converted into perceptions; in other words, into vision.

Eye disorders

It’s not always a refractive defect that causes you to see less sharply. Sometimes there’s something else going on.

Eye exams

There are several ways to examine your eyes. An initial exam is often done using an autorefractor.

Eye care specialist

What is the difference between an optician and an optometrist? What does the orthoptist do and when do you go to an ophthalmologist? We explain it here.

About contact lenses

The first contact lens was designed by Leonardo da Vinci as early as 1508, but it wasn’t until 1888 that the development of the contact lens really took off.