Contact lens check-ups

Like the dentist, contact lens specialists like to see you for check-ups about once or twice a year. Why is that?

Your specialist will look at several things during the contact lens check-up:

  • Strength: The check-up will also check if the prescription in the lenses is still the right one. The strength of your eyes can change over time.
  • Condition of the eye: Are your eyes not dry? Is the cornea still nice and clear? Is there no damage to be seen? The outside and inside of your eye will be closely examined during the contact lens check-up to ensure healthy eyes.
  • Inflammation: Just like a cavity in your molar, you don’t always notice right away when your eyes are inflamed. Your specialist will tell you what you can do in this case. Kind of nice to know.
  • Contamination: The older a contact lens gets, the more contamination builds up on the lens and the less oxygen it allows to pass through. It’s important for the health of your eyes and for wearing comfort to replace your lenses within the recommended shelf life. You may also find that your lenses become dirty faster because you aren’t using the right contact lens solution (anymore). Your contact lens specialist can advise you on this.
  • Contact lens: Finally, the contact lens specialist looks at the contact lens itself during a check-up. How old is it? Is the fit still good? And is the current contact lens still the right choice?


Sometimes your specialist will ask you to sign a lens agreement together. This agreement clearly states the specialist’s responsibility for ensuring you can wear your contact lenses safely and satisfyingly and your responsibility for doing so, including complying with lens check-ups. That way you know where you stand!

Eye test

There are several ways to examine your eyes. An initial exam is often done using an autorefractor.


It is important to always follow the instructions of your eye care professional and to handle your lenses correctly.

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